A Guide To Alternative Dispute Resolution- Mediation

A Guide To Alternative Dispute Resolution- Mediation Crawley

Dispute resolution is an important element of life and when people prefer the resolution methods outside court, they are often confused over the options available. A few they are not aware of and a few they do not trust at all. Family mediation in Crawley is also amidst the confused resolution techniques. This method is often mistaken and people do not trust the mediator believing the mediator will not take any decision in their favour.

Below are the steps which shall dispel all the myths about family mediation and hope it helps you resolve your next conflict peacefully.

1.What is Mediation?

Family mediation in Crawley is an alternative dispute resolution process which is referred as ADR by the legal consultants in the UK. Mediation is completely different from the litigations and arbitration process carried in courts and it is a very peaceful technique to resolve your conflicts.

2.The process of Mediation

It is important to understand that mediation is not an obligation but it is just an option open to both the parties if they wish to resolve their conflict outside the court.

A mediator is usually a third party who is appointed on some fees which is shared by both the parties. The mediator is a confidential person and is chosen based on his knowledge, training and skill.

Both the parties prepare their case and present in front of the mediator. Both the parties are free to produce their documents and proofs for a certain case and both the parties are given equal chance to speak themselves.

3.Decision of a mediator.

It is often taken as a misconception that the mediator gives you a final verdict like a judge. The mediator here is appointed to resolve the conflict amidst the parties and bring forward the strengths and weaknesses of both the parties and bring them to a common platform where both the parties happily agree on one final decision.

4.Is mediation expensive?

Here our cost mediation fees. The parties need to bear the cost of the solicitor who will sit in the mediation and the fees of mediator. Depending on the complexity of the case, the charges are put in front of the parties.

5.Is it a confidential process?

Mediation is an entirely confidential process and the facts and figures are kept secret by the mediator

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