How Mediation Can Help Dads See Their Kids

How Mediation Can Help Dads See Their Kids Crawley

Here at Capitol Family Mediation, we are approached by increasing numbers of Dads seeking help and advice to maintain or re-establish contact with their children.

This could be because of the child’s mother not allowing a father access to visit their child; causing problems during visits or threatening to end contact.

More and more couples are ending up in front of a judge requesting court orders to lay out a Dad’s visitation and contact rights.

There are often no winners in this situation: leaving the decision to a judge takes away the right of both parents to decide on the best outcome for their children, as well as often causing high amounts of conflict between both parents.

Mediation is generally required by courts as a first step in the process, and can help families come to better agreements often at a lower cost and without the damage to relationships that can often occur when solicitors and courts become involved.

What is mediation?

Mediation Crawley involves an independent, professionally trained mediator who is there to help both parents come to an agreement about how they will continue to bring up their children.

This can include contact arrangements, where a child will live, child maintenance payments and other financial decisions. It can also cover wider issues such as a child keeping in touch with grandparents or members of a step family.

We can help Dads to make contact with their ex partners and aim to get them to participate in mediation. This can help both parents come to an agreement they are both happy with, and which is in the best interests of their children.

Why do I need mediation?

You will be expected to have attempted mediation before taking disagreements to court.

If a judge makes decisions on child contact, you will have to stick to them even if one or both parties are unhappy about it. Mediation allows you to maintain control over the situation.

You will never be forced into agreeing something you aren’t happy with, but mediation provides the opportunity for families to come to agreements which are best for everyone.

We sometimes find that when Dads contact their ex-partners, the relationship may have broken down completely and the other parent is unwilling to engage in mediation.

We are careful to let Mums know that our work is unbiased and non-judgemental and that everything discussed in mediation will remain in confidence.

One of the major benefits of mediation is getting estranged couples communicating again and often improving their relationship.

This is of great benefit to both parents, as it allows more negotiation about child contact and arrangements which can allow both parents to feel more involved in the situation. The improved relationship can also make it easier to co-parent in the future and reduce the conflict in the situation.

If you have already approached a court, an accredited Family Mediator will be required to sign your C100 Application Form for a child arrangement order.

If you are having problems whilst attempting to see your children, contact Capitol Family Mediation for expert advice.

Call us on 0208 871 9001 or click the ‘contact us’ button to arrange a callback, and we will be happy to discuss your situation and advise on the next steps.

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