What Does Mediation Cost?

What Does Mediation Cost? Crawley

As per the different services offered by the different mediation agencies, the mediation charges also vary. There are some agencies which offer the mediation services on a per hour basis, while other offer such services on a per session basis. There are also some agencies offering a fixed package.

It is important to ask for chargers before availing any mediation service or attending any mediation meeting as they vary widely depending upon the mediator as well as the service provider. Also, there are mediators who refund some part of the mediation charges, such as the charge of the first mediation meeting.

Also, you must take care that the likely costs of the mediation process as well as the payment process is explained by the mediator in the first meeting itself.

Ways to find about the cost

You can always give a call to the mediator or the mediator agency asking about the charges involved as well as the method of payment. Also, there is option to email the mediation service provider asking about the involved charges. Furthermore, you should never feel hesitant to compare the prices of the different mediation services providers.

As you inquire different mediation services providers, always do a cost analysis to find the most cost effective service provider. Also, it is not necessary to always go for someone who has quoted the lowest price as the quality and experience of the mediation service provider are the most important factors.

As you go for MIAM or the first mediation meeting, the mediator may also ask you about your cost expectations so that to give you an approximate or absolute estimate of the cost of mediation process. As you get the estimate, you will be decide whether there will be any need for legal aid for payment of the mediation charges.

Is legal aid an option?

Yes, legal aid is also an option in case the involved party belongs to a low income group. Such legal aid can be provided for MIAM Crawley, mediation meetings, any legal support during the mediation, or also in cases where the mediation process is not able to resolve the issues and you are in need of some legal assistance.

Every participating party will undergo a separate assessment for legal aid. Any one of the party or both the parties may be provided with the legal aid. The fee for the first full mediation meeting or and MIAM will get covered even in case where only one person gets the legal aid.

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